Adrian Dunn

It’s almost one year since I was introduced to Katerina Nicolakopoulos, a financial advisor with EIKON.

The meeting was a preliminary discussion – no strings attached – to discuss setting up a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund as I had just accepted a redundancy package.

It was an illuminating discussion, driven by Katerina’s passion to produce the best possible financial result for me going forward.

Katerina delved deep into my financial background to elicit all the available information regarding everything about me – house, car, personal loans, credit card commitments as well as my assets.

What struck me was a genuine interest in assisting me obtain my best outcomes. I wasn’t just ‘another member’ of a Super Fund who was largely forgotten and definitely ignored, but someone who Katerina went to every possible level to help.

Once all my financial information had been provided, there was another meeting where my views on various strategic initiatives were canvassed. Such consultation was reassuring.

After these were analysed a set of proposals regarding my financial direction were drawn up in a portfolio and then implemented to achieve best possible results.

I was further given the opportunity to meet with David Stevenson from Evans and Partners, a top-of-the-town financial investor who works in conjunction with Katerina. He is full bottle on all the markets/stocks and trends.

I was always consulted, everything was explained. Repeatedly I was provided with updates and various options. Any queries I’ve had have only been a phone call away.

I was set up with immediate access to an on-line spread sheet of all my stocks and their performances. Transparency is a key to the operation.

There have been regular meetings where the performance of my SMSF is explained and new initiatives offered and explained.

Twelve months into my SMSF I’m more than comfortable that I’ve backed a winner with EIKON.